Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is dedicated to providing a workplace environment that fosters equality, fairness, stability, training, safety and professional growth to promote the economic and social wellbeing of the individual and community and to protecting the privacy of its employees.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is responsible for administering all human resource functions and programs for the employees of the Tuolumne Me-Wuk Tribal Council, Tuolumne Economic Development Authority and the Tuolumne Me-Wuk Indian Health Center. We are responsible for recruitment, classification, benefits administration, wage compensation, grievances and appeals, training, worker’s comp, 401(k) program, EAP and record maintenance and retention. Background investigations and the random drug testing program are also conducted by HR staff. Policies and procedures are developed and/or revised through the Personnel Committee, which is a 14 member committee appointed by the Community Council. We advise and assist employees and management in a variety of personnel matters including: the interpretation and application of personnel policies and procedures, position planning, recruitment, interview and selection methods, as well as employee evaluations. We provide assistance to all applicants and tribal members who apply for jobs within the Tribe by working one-on-one with individuals; we explain the recruitment and selection process as well as the qualifications for the position for which they are applying.


We have expanded our departments to include training components. Our goals and objectives are to provide up-to-date training to our employees to enhance their skills and promote professional growth and development.

Current Positions