Tribal Security

Tuolumne Rancheria Tribal Security

Serving the Community 24/7

For assistance, call Dispatch at 209.928.5911

Office Hours: Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm

Serving the Tribal Community and Casino Since May 2003

Tribal Security works directly with the Tribal Community Council and its members. We have a Law Enforcement Commission made up of five Community Council members who meet on a monthly basis. Tribal Security’s main objective is to protect and assist community members and all Tribal lands.

Mission Statement

Tribal Security seeks to establish and maintain harmony and cooperative relationships with Tribal members for the purpose of improving security and maintaining peace for the good of all on Tribal lands.

Our purpose is to patrol Tribal lands and maintain the security of persons and property within the Tuolumne Rancheria, as well as other lands under the Tribe’s ownership and control. Our motto is “Securing a Nation, Caring for a Community.”

Tribal Security Staff and Responsibilities

  • Our administrative staff consists of the Chief of Security, the Administrative Assistant and Patrol Sergeants. Their primary responsibilities are to:
    • Communicate with the Commission, law enforcement agencies, residents and employees, as well as department personnel
    • Supervise investigations and officers
    • Coordinate scheduling
    • Select, train and evaluate personnel
    • Analyze security requirements and make recommendations to the Commission
    • Assist in preparation of the annual budget
    • Complete, maintain, oversee and process pertinent reports, paperwork and records
  • Our patrol officers and dispatchers are responsible for:
    • Protecting the welfare of the Rancheria, Tribal offices and Tribal lands
    • Working for the benefit of the Tribal community
    • Making vehicle patrols of Tribal lands
    • Observing and reporting any suspicious activities
    • Enforcing Tribal code violations and hazardous conditions and/or individuals who may be involved in criminal activity
    • Preparing activity logs and incident reports
    • Attending department meetings and trainings on a regular basis
    • Maintaining a professional working relationship with all law enforcement agencies
    • Maintaining confidentiality