Faculty Biographies

Librarian / Admin Assistant: Sunny Delgadillo
Lead Faculty Pre-K to 6th grade: Joelle Fuller
Adult Education Coordinator: Cody Baker
Pre-K to 6th Grade Faculty: Catherine Atkins
Language Program Manager: Carlos Geisdorf
Language Program Assistant: Sunny Delgadillo

Carlos Geisdorff: Lives on the Tuolumne Reservation and is a voting tribal member of the Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk Indians. He is the MeWuk Language Program Manager. Carlos has also received an American Indian Language Credential, where he teaches language to children and adults. He has attended Breathe of Life conferences in Berkeley, Language is Life conference at Marin Headlands, Davis and Wonder Valley, Living Language Circle sponsored by Yoche Dehe Wintun Nation and many other language conferences throughout the state. He is a member of the Tuolumne Me-Wuk Language Preservation Committee. As a child he learned traditional songs and dances with some language from a Miwük elder.

Sonja Delgadillo: Was hired by the Tuolumne Band of Me-Wuk in 2017 as the Administrative Assistant to the language program and is a tribal enrolled member. Prior to working with Carlos and the MeWuk Language Program, she has worked for the tribe since 2014 in various departments: Tribal Recreation Department, Black Oak Casino Hotel, and Temporary Assistant for Native Families (TANF). She brings with her well-rounded administrative experience. She actively participates in tribal events, cultural gatherings, traditional MeWuk dancing, and currently in a beginner’s course learning MeWuk Basket Weaving. She continues to be a student in MeWuk language classes and has attended several conferences and training such as Language is Life, Living Language Circle, and many other California Native language conferences throughout the state.

Catherine Atkins: I work in the K-6 department, with a focus on third to fifth grade. I have been a teacher for more than thirty years. I have a degree in English from Cal State Stanislaus, and credentials in both English and General Subjects from Chapman University. I enjoy challenging myself with Math and learning languages. I am a fan of cats and abstract art. I enjoy working with our students every day.

Cody Ann Baker: Cody Ann grew up in Calaveras County. She moved to Tuolumne County as a young adult and began attending Columbia College at the age of 27, where she earned the following: Associates of Arts degrees in English, Liberal Arts, and Mathematics, and  Associates of Science degrees in Earth Science and Physical Science. While at Columbia, she worked in student support services for half a decade. She then transferred to UC Berkeley in 2013, where she earned a degree in Classical Civilizations with emphasis in Ancient Greek. She also took coursework in natural sciences, interning first with Pallud Soils Lab in soil phytoremediation and then with Berkeley Public Schools teaching forestry and mapping techniques to high school students. She in now completing her Master’s in Applied Anthropology through Humboldt State University.
Cody has served on a Federal, State, and Local level, working for the National Park Service, California State Parks, and San Francisco Recreation and Parks at Camp Mather. She has worked in education and recreation with every age group, from pre-kindergarten to college-level. She currently serves the Tuolumne Me-Wuk Tribe as the Adult Education Instructor, offering academic assistance to high school and adult learners and managing the scholarships program.
In her free time, Cody can be found hiking, exploring caverns and canyons, and studying the local flora and fauna. She has an affinity for the high mountain desert and the Southwest. She also enjoys a regular yoga practice, daily walking meditations, cooking, and gardening. She currently resides in Columbia, California.

Joelle Parker Fuller: I am a fifth generation Tuolumne resident. I just started my 21st year working for TMTC. I am currently the K-6th Grade Lead Instructor. I have an A.A in Psychology from Columbia College and a B.A in Psychology from Cal. State Stanislaus. I have always been interested in the psychology of learning. I love hiking, fishing and spending time with my family and pets. I also enjoy concerts, dog training and gardening! My goal is to help others feel successful. I feel honored to work with our good-hearted, bright students every day.